Spin qubits – image gallery

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AFM image of a double quantum dot device, defined by metal gate electrodes on top of a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure. Constrictions on both sides of the quantum dots form quantum point contacts, which can be operated as charge detectors.



An electron microscope image of a double quantum dot device. The light gray tones indicate the metal structure (made from gold) which is used to create an electrical trap (dotted circles) to lock up the electrons. We can control whether or not electrons jump from one dot to the other (arrow).



Artist impression of two electrons brought close to each other, at which point their spins gradually exchange (swap). See als movie_swapOperation. (Illustrations by Lars Schreiber)




Artist impression of two spinning electrons, each locked up in small box (quantum dot). (Illustration by Gemma Plum)







Artist impression of an electron trapped in a quantum dot formed by metal gate electrodes. The arrow represents the orientation of the electron’s spin. (Illustration by Tremani)