Spin qubits

Electron spins are two-level quantum systems that provide robust quantum bits (qubits) since they are only weakly influenced by their environment. Furthermore, due to the electron’s charge, individual electrons can be isolated in semiconductor quantum dots. Taking advantage of these two properties, we have developed all-electrical techniques for the initialization, coherent control and read-out of single and coupled electron spins, and characterized the decoherence timescales and mechanisms. Our current focus is on scaling, integration and extending coherence times, for the realization of simple quantum protocols in this system. Read more.


Graphene is formed by a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms just one atom thick. Electrons in graphene behave as if they were massless relativistic particles, leading to extraordinary electronic properties. We explore these properties experimentally with an emphasis on mesoscopic devices at low-temperature, where quantum mechanical effects become important, and on exploiting the unique two-dimensionality of graphene. Read more.